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You can be part of our exclusive European Founder Program!

European Founders enjoy exclusive benefits and rewards including:

  • 1% revenue pool for life in the Founder’s resident country.
  • Recognition at national events.
  • VIP seating at the European Grand Opening celebration.

There is a strict limit of 1,000 Founder's Packs available in each European country.
Once the packs are claimed, the opportunity to become a Founder will close permanently and will never reopen!

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Bottles of Zilis UltraCell


Zilis™ Is Commited

Zilis™ is committed to creating product for better living. Our products feature proprietary formulas that ensure they deliver outstanding results for our customers. Our cutting-edge hemp products include UltraCell™ oil, and our Lishé™ by Zilis line of cannabinoid-infused skincare products. Our newest product, Voyager by Zilis, is a lifestyle program designed to help you and your customers live your best lives.


ULTRACELL™ is my number one favorite product. Our whole family uses it on a daily basis and that is something I can’t ever imagine being without.”

Sandy - TX, USA

"The longer I use ULTRACELL™ the better I feel."

Marsha - TN, USA
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Your body already uses endocannabinoids. If they are low, UltraCell™ can naturally replace what your endocannabinoid system is lacking.


As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic here at Zilis, we want to remind you that our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. It is imperative that Ambassadors are not making any express or implied claims regarding Zilis products and COVID-19. All COVID-19 claims for any Zilis products are in violation of policy and strictly prohibited.